Drinking water chlorination - CA Somes Cluj-Napoca
Drinking water treatment - Sangeorgiu de Padure (Mures)
Process water treatment - Hirschmann Automotive Sanpaul (Mures)
Industrial wastewater treatment - DAW Benta Romania Sancrai (Mures)
Drinking water treatment - Carand (Arad)
Drinking water filtration and disinfection - Ieud (Maramures)
Process water filtration - Michelin Floresti (Prahova)
Drinking water iron removal - Crasna (Salaj)
Process water disinfection - Saint Gobain Turda
Process water disinfection - Ford Romania Craiova
Drinking water chlorination - Apanova Ploiesti
Water chlorination plant - Complex Expro Bazna
Boiler water softening - Hotel Europa Sighisoara
Water chlorination plant - Band (Mures)
Process water softening - Romcab Acatari (Mures)
Drinking water nitrate removal - Oprea Avicom srl Craiesti
Waste water disinfection - Lunca Muresului
Drinking water treatment - Tabaluga Foundation Roades (Brasov)
Drinking water treatment - Rezel Pension Petrilaca (Mures)
Process water treatment - Eldi Brutaria Agristeu (Mures)